Evogen AminoKEM

Evogen AminoKEM



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  • ELITE EAA PUMP VOLUMIZER – When it comes to high quality amino acids, Evogen Nutrition has always set the standard for ultra-clean and pure sources. This amazing tasting formula is packed with a full spectrum of properly dosed EAA’s and BCAA’s to accelerate recovery & muscle growth.
  • ALL 9 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS– Essential amino acids are the key to unlocking the power of hypertrophy (muscle growth). What helps bolsters Evogen’s EAA matrix is the fact it contains adequate dosages of BCAA’s as well as all nine EAA’s including tryptophan. Unfortunately, tryptophan is missing from many EAA products causing them to be incomplete. Without a complete EAA spectrum, an EAA product cannot be fully effective at maximizing muscle growth and recovery. Evogen’s Amino KEM covers all these.

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Blueberry Apple, Grape cotton candy, Passion Orange, Pink rose, Rasberry lemonade, saur watermelon, Sour Candy, Tropic Thunder


30 Serves

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